Closed Captioning Businesses
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Aberdeen Captioning
Armour Closed Captioning
Automated Data Systems
Broadcast Video Systems
Calabro Reporting Services
Caption Advantage
Caption First
Caption House
Caption Reporters
CC Productions
Closed captioning Web
CPC Computer Prompting and Captioning
EEG enterprises

F A Bernhardt GmbH, FAB
Leapfrog Productions
Line 21 Media Services
Link Electronic
LNS Captioning
Media Captioning Services
National Captioning Institute
Riverside Captioning
Soft Touch
Talking Type Captions

Texas Closed Captioning
The Captioning Group
US Captioning Company

Video Caption Service


Everything You Wanted to Know About Deafness
Closed captioned movie collection
Microsoft® Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange (SAMI) for closed captioning
Captioning Forum

Interactive TV Closed Captioning Businesses Can:
  • Incorporate DTV closed captioning software implementation of EIA-708B
  • Incorporate captioning for streaming video & DVD projects; also offer transcription and Interative TV trigger insertion
  • Utilize modeling software for closed captioning timeframes
  • Provide Interactive TV consumer products, Digital TV & more
  • Offer losed captioning services for the deaf
  • Develop closed caption display systems for remote captioning
  • Take the form of integrated information delivery system for cable, community TV and corporate communications
  • Offer computer prompting and captioning
  • Provide closed caption, vCHIP & URL Encoder/Inserter/Decoder
  • Be used in conjunction with HDTV, SDTV, Web TV, Closed Caption, V-chips & more
  • Be used by Interactive entertainment infrastructure software providers
  • Utilize closed captioning Distance learning Products
  • Television post production services & facilities, including subtitling
  • Put closed-captions & Interactive TV Links onto Digital Video
  • Provide programming solutions for embedded and downloadable systems
  • Be used in conjunction with dubbing, subtitling, voiceovers & production in Asian, Indian & European languages
  • Be part of Interactive TV software, hardware and back-end systems
  • Provide digital video, audio & broadcast data systems
  • Be offered by a Supplier of TV data broadcast solutions
  • be part of time of air data systems
  • Be provided by a religious captioning specialist
  • Include title preparation & transmission
  • Do other production work also
  • Also provide hardware & software for TV Sets, VCR´s, Set-Top Boxes & more
  • Also produce set-top box middleware and software
  • Design set-top box OS platforms as well as middleware
  • Sell multi-language subtitling software
  • Create MPEG-2 video compression systems/products for Broadcast, Cable & Multimedia
  • Be one of the 3 largest captioning service providers
  • Incorporate MPEG encoding, editing, transcoding, decoding, multiplexing, VLSI.