List of Datacasting Businesses
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Advanced Interactive
Advanced Television Systems Committee ATSC
BT Broadcast Services - Offered/offers datacasting with IBC.
Datacast News
Deutsche Telekom Ag
Four Forty

Global Communication & Services GmbH

Government Education and Training Network - Distance learning through interactive television and datacasting.
Harris Corp. 

IP Datacasting Forum
Lucent Digital Video (Alcatel-Lucent)
Motorola - FLEX, and ReFLEX.

National Broadcast
Norpak Corp
NJN - Utilizes datacast.
Rohde & Schwarz
Sarnoff Corporation
SkyTune - Former datacast business.
Triveni Digital (LG Electronics)
Wavexpress - Former datacast business.
Wegener Communications


Wikipedia definition of Datacasting
Wapedia Definition of Datacasting

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Interactive TV Datacasting Software and Hardware Providers Can:
  • Provide ecommerce, datacasting and market-casting and gaming solutions
  • Provide distance education, e-commerce, home shopping and multi/datacasting
  • Be Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) and their center for datacasting innovation
  • Offer Interactive TV Datacasting Solutions
  • Provide interactive datacasting and interactive digital TV software applications
  • Sell point-to-multipoint communications technology
  • Be a supplier of global broadcast solutions
  • Offer Interactive TV through cable and telephone networks
  • provide broadband media delivery and management services
  • Specialize in encoding and datacasting systems for DTV
  • Provide nationwide digital distribution networks for rich media content
  • Provide systems and services for the broadband satellite distribution of digital data
  • Be an international datacasting corporation
  • Sell equipment for TV and radio frequency and data broadcasting
  • Sell satellite digital delivery systems
  • Provide network transmission systems for cable, satellite, Internet/data
  • Be a supplier of TV data broadcast solutions
  • End-to-end digital broadcasting solutions
  • Be PBS NATIONAL DATACAST, a subsidiary of PBS
  • Offer Web over DTV, also measure/test/transmit products and services
  • Develop TV and digital video technologies for satellite and cable TV operators
  • Partner with major corporations like Sun Microsystems for datacasting
  • Offer data broadcasting over the digital television spectrum
  • provide COFDM-based modulators, de-modulators, adapters and monitoring equipment
  • Use digital HDTV broadcasting
  • Provide digital video, audio and broadcast data system technology
  • Sell direct satellite delivery of digital audio and multimedia services to the emerging world markets
  • Specialize in interactive digital television software, systems and solutions.