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The Interactive TV Dictionary and Business Index™ portal is one of the top positioned sites in regard to interactive television. It contains the main business indexes for the industry, thousands of webpages of interactive tv related definitions and a lot more. It's recently been extensively updated. Like a new car it's ready to go. Keep it on my server or put it on yours.

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This interactive television reference portal (intellectual property) includes:

1) The portal and domain name – ITVDICTIONARY.COM. The Interactive Television Dictionary & Business Index is a premiere global collection of sites for reference material regarding interactive television and and to a lesser extent Internet television. It's comprised of 7,000+ webpages. It offers:

A)  Easy, advertisement and specific data insertion via iframes
B) Many thousands of somewhat to excellently positioned general interactive TV related web pages. is one of the top ranked interactive TV related sites in Google.
C) - An expandable, sophisticated interactive television reference related search engine offering advertising capacity.
D) Thousands of web pages of interactive TV related definitions.
E) The Industry's largest interactive TV oriented business indexes: Business Index 1 & Business Index 2. "Sponsored links" on top of all webpages in The Interactive Television Business Index. Example.

2) The Interactive Television Institute ( - Currently the Interactive Television Institute offers a comprehensive, introductory, online, self-paced, education guide about interactive television and Internet TV. This course cost $200 per student.

3)  Smaller sites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

4) Trademarks this IP includes are "The video on Demand Dictionary & Business Index™", "The Internet TV Dictionary & Business Index"™, The Targeted Advertising Dictionary and Business Index™ and "The Interactive Television Dictionary & Business Index™" and Interactive TV Dictionary and Business Index™.

5) The portal requires about 10 hours a week for updating. I would be happy to continue on in a paid position for this if you purchase the site. (I can continue working from my current office.) Unless you wanted substantial changes, a major update wouldn't be necessary for 3-4 years.

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