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List of Audio Software for Multimedia
Content Delivery Businesses

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Audio Software for Multimedia
Content Delivery Businesses Can:
  • Sell SDI/AES digital video and audio products
  • Use digital HDTV broadcasting
  • Specialize in digital video, audio and broadcast data systems
  • Sell direct satellite delivery of digital audio and multimedia services to the emerging world markets
  • Build digital/analogue video/audio distribution, conversion and routing equipment
  • Design and manufacture MMDS video and audio products
  • Manufacture and supply video/audio equipment to broadcasters and system builders
  • Provide semiconductors; storing, converting & distributing solutions for audio & digital signals
  • Provide conditional access for smart cards and smart card security
  • Offer data broadcasting over the digital television spectrum
  • Provide COFDM-based modulators, de-modulators, adapters and monitoring equipment
  • Offer networking solutions for digital audio and remote management
  • Build audio transmission products for cable radio head-end and broadcast-applications
  • Provide digital video, audio and broadcast data system technology
  • Sell audio signal processing systems and implimentation technologies
  • Develop audio products for broadcasting and security applications.