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List of Create Your own
Video Applications Businesses
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To find out more about an entity's involvement with interactive television, type both their name and "interactive television" in a search engine.

Create Your own Video Applications Businesses Can:

  • Create consumer appliance technologies for home and mobile networks
  • Create interactive end-to-end webcasting systems for mobile devices
  • Create interactive TV hospitality software
  • Create, produce, acquire and distribute Internet streaming media
  • Create video applications such as streaming over cable and DSL
  • Create software for managing/publishing/distributing online video
  • Create customer management and open billing solutions to the communications and utility industries
  • Create automated encoding systems to transform the analog audio/video signal into a single digital stream
  • Create video products for digital Teletext, Programme Delivery Controls and Electronic Program Guides
  • Create streaming video music magazines
  • Create turnkey video streaming media solutions for websites
  • Create streaming media, video over IP and video conferencing for BusinessTV
  • Create health related content for health professionals and others to be streamed over hospitality networks
  • Create video technology to facilitate wholesale and retail billing arrangements for both content and network services
  • Create software for closed captioning, iTV dubbing, crossover links for WebTV and Webcasting
  • Create videosystems for HDTV broadcast and large screen home theaters
  • Create network infrastructure software solutions essential to global enterprises and service provider’s video and audio streaming media needs
  • Create video applications such as streaming over cable and DSL
  • Create interactive content for interactive television streaming media systems.