Interactive TV Instant Messaging Related
(Including iTV Messaging)

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Instant messaging via iTV (Look it up in a search engine).

Critical Commons
Microsoft (NET-enabled services)
Samba Interactive TV
Samsung SmartTV


Interactive TV Instant Messaging Developers Can:
(updated in 2011)
  • Be used by CATV call centers with IVR, CTI, web response and critical messaging capabilities
  • Design European television and radio broadcasting as well as data transmission and streaming Internet technologies
  • Create interactive end-to-end webcasting systems for mobile phones
  • Can provide interactive TV consulting and streaming media utilizing Flash
  • Acquire, produce and deliver live content across multiple streaming media platforms
  • Create interactive content for interactive television streaming media systems
  • Be professional broadcast video products/services developers
  • Be set up as an aggregator for distribution of streaming audiovisual programming in the European market
  • Build hardware for streaming media, videoconferencing and video on demand
  • Develop advanced IP set-top box systems for interactive broadband TV streaming services
  • Create interactive content for interactive television streaming media systems
  • Be a developer of tools for delivering and measuring streaming media applications
  • Be a full-service provider of streaming-content applications and media solutions for web servers
  • Be part of customer contact solutions
  • A producer of MPEG media streaming technology
  • Be a provider of distributed application and content delivery services
  • Design real-time MPEG encoding streaming media technology
  • Create network infrastructure software solutions essential to global enterprises and service provider’s streaming media enterprises.