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Auctions Using Interactive TV
(Examples of & Technology Providers)
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To find out more about an entity's involvement with interactive television, type both their name and "interactive television" in a search engine.

If you're looking to have an interactive TV auction application developed,
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the list of Interactive TV developers here.

Auctions Using Interactive TV Businesses Can:
  • Be a broadband Interactive TV program/applications developer
  • Sell all-in-one solutions for video editing, compositing and animation
  • Be a developer of tools for delivering and measuring streaming media applications
  • Make tools designed for the digital content creation market
  • Develop gaming, PPV and graphics software
  • Be suppliers of audio and video equipment to the broadcasting industry
  • Design content management and delivery platforms for PCs and TVs
  • Be an Interactive TV platform/architecture developer for Digital TV systems
  • Also be interactive television consultants and product developers for streaming media
  • Be an interactive television streaming video hardware developer
  • Specialize in digital media creation/editing/finishing as well as storage and distribution
  • Be a developer of server-based interactive streaming media technologies based on MPEG-4
  • Do production of and create products for interactive media including streaming video
  • Be a developer of tools for delivering and measuring streaming media applications
  • Be video application developers
  • Develop multi-platform interactive software for DTV
  • Be Expanse Networks software developer and systems integrator providing targeted television advertising solutions
  • Be an interactive television content developer for numerous platforms.