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3DTV Solutions (11 listings)

Ads With Interactive TV (14 listings)
Also see "Examples of iTV" and "Mobile TV / SMS - iTV".

Advertising/Marketing (65 listings)
This is primarily Interactive TV Advertising Agencies and Interactive TV Marketing Agencies but includes some Full Service Interactive TV Agencies.

Aggregators (22 listings)
Content collectors and often distributors to network operators who then offer it to their customers. This category also includes content distributors. Also see VOD Content Providers, Content Providers and Internet TV.

Applications, iTV (18 listings)
Also see "Developers/Producers iTV", "Platforms, iTV" and "Middleware, iTV".

Authoring Tools, iTV (30 listings)
Tools to create/design Interactive Television.

Awards, iTV (4 listings)
Which entities offer awards for interactive television.

BluTV (Blu-ray TV) (2 listings)
With this you can stream music, movies and more from your network and watch them on your TV.

Books, iTV (40 listings)

CI+-enabled TV (9 listings)
CI+-enabled Television Sets - CI+ (Common Interface Plus standard) was developed by the CI+ Forum.

Cloud-based iTV (9 listings)

Codecs, iTV (8 listings)

Conditional Access, iTV (55 listings)
(Includes some Digital Rights Management {DRM}). Please verify interactive TV interoperability.

Connected TV (52 listings)
Also see BluTV. Internet-connected TVs are television systems that can adequately display some or more Internet content.

Consultants, iTV (85 listings)
Interactive TV product/services development. May include exposure assistance. Also see "Public Relations Firms" and "Testing & Research".

Consumer Electronics (12 listings)
Consumer-oriented Devices. Also see "Hardware, iTV".

Content Delivery (43 listings)
& Content Management.

Content Management (23 listings)

Content Providers (iTV) (84 listings)
Distribution/transmission networks that offer (or has offered) some form of enhanced or interactive television other than a basic Interactive Preview Guide. Includes Satellite, Cable, DSL/telco and Terrestrial.

Cross, Multiple-platform (36 listings)
Multiple Platform (and/or Platform Integration a.k.a Cross-platform)

Datacast (31 listings)

Developers/Producers iTV (102 listings)
Designs/develops and/or produces Interactive TV content (or has at one time).

DOCSIS 3.0 (3 listings)

DVRs/Timeshifting (53 listings)
Hardware/software related to DVR/PVR (a.k.a. Digital Video Recorders) Also see Media Centers and Portable Media Devices.

EDI (1 listing)
(Electronic Data Interchange) used in conjunction with interactive TV.

Education about iTV (22 listings)
How learn more about what interactive TV is.

End-to-end iTV solutions (30 listings)
Covers most or all needs associated with deployment of interactive TV services.

EPGs, IPGs & IMGs (57 listings)
Specifically regarding Electronic Program Guides, Interactive Program Guides, On-screen Channel Guides and Interactive Media Guides.

ETV/EBIF (10 listings)

Events, iTV related (10 listings)
Shows, conferences etc concerning iTV

Examples of iTV (58 listings)
Shows, commercials etc that are iTV enabled.

Gaming, iTV (75 listings)
Includes Interactive TV video gaming and gambling utilizing Interactive TV. Also see "Developers/Producers iTV."

Google TV Initiative (3 listings)
This platform includes software to help users navigate among Web-based offerings on television sets and serve as a platform for developers. The technology could be added to future TVs, Blu-ray players and/or set-top boxes. Also see Connected TV.

Hardware, iTV (38 listings)
Hardware that might be used for Interactive TV. Also see "Servers".

HbbTV (1 listing)
(Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) - HbbTV is a pan-European initiative merging the delivery of broadcast and broadband services. Hybrid TV is the use of a broadcast and IP connection for the delivery of a TV service.

Headend Solutions (21 listings)

History of iTV (16 listings)
Historic developments.

Home Networking (32 listings)
Connecting computers and other devices/appliances with processors in the home to one central hub (computer and/or set top box.) Also see "Home Media Centers" and "DVRs/Personal TV".

Hospitality, iTV (66 listings)
Interactive Television in hotels, hospitals, military bases, airplanes, etc.

HTML5 (2 listings)

Interactive Digital TV (20 listings)
All facets of Digital Television as long as interactivity is directly involved.

Internet / Broadband TV (88 listings)
Broadband TV, Internet TV, Web TV Businesses. Online Content Providers listed may also distribute their content through TV networks, as does Current TV. Of course using Media Extenders, Digital Media Adapters, (DMAs), Digital Media Receivers (DMRs), Network Media Receivers and other Portable Digital Devices, one can often watch their content on your TV, typically in an interactive manner.

Investors (64 listings)
Has stock market stock to possibly trade for products/services.

iPadô iTV (2 listings)
Individual tablet-sized Interactive Television device.

iPhone-controlled iTV (1 listing)

IPTV (48 listings)
Internet Protocol Television with or without Interactive TV.

Jobs related to iTV (26 listings)
Looking for employment in Interactive TV or offering employment in Interactive TV.

Media Centers (Home) (32 listings)
(May be known as Media Centers, All-in-one Hub, Home Entertainment Center.) Also see "Home Networking" and "DVRs/Timeshifting".

Metadata, iTV (6 listings)

MHEG-5 (47 listings)

MHP (20 listings)
DVB-MHP - Digital Video Broadcasting Multimedia Home Platform. MHP is the open middleware system designed by the DVB Project. Also see "Authoring Tools".

Middleware, iTV (49 listings)
(Sometimes known as Interactive TV "System Software" or "Platform Software")

Miscellaneous (29 listings)

Mobile TV / SMS - iTV (87 listings)
Includes Participation TV. (Also see "Ads With Interactive TV") - Interacting with the TV using Short Message Service (SMS), a.k.a. "Texting", "text-to-TV". Also Mobile phones with other interactive features, IVR-based interactive TV. Interactive Mobile TV.

Mosaics (TV) (13 listings)
A.k.a. Personalized Multiple-camera Angles - When your content provider offers you a choice of various camera angles to view a particular event in, (particularly sports events.)

Organizations (Related) (96 listings)
Interactive TV related groups, associations, etc.

Over-the-top-TV (17 listings)
Over-The-Top Home Entertainment Media - Electronic device manufacturers are providing DVD players, video game consoles and TVs with built-in wireless connectivity. These devices piggy back on an existing wireless network, pull content from the Internet and deliver it to the TV set. Typically these devices need no additional wires, hardware or advanced knowledge on how to operate. Content suited for TV can be delivered via the Internet. These OTT applications include Facebook and YouTube. Also see Connected TVs.

Participation TV (10 listings)
Often associated with people calling into TV programming.

PCTV Systems (39 listings)

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) (7 listings)
Networks that use the computing power and bandwidth of those participating in the network rather than using a comparatively low number of servers.

Platforms, iTV (79 listings)
Also see Internet/Broadband TV section.

Portable Media Devices (6 listings)
Portable Media Players (PMP), Media Players, DMAs & Media Extenders. Using these, users can remotely access their computer or other devices and send to their TV photos, music, video and protected content.

Products, iTV (26 listings)
Name and brief description of specific products, either hardware or software.

Public Relations Firms (8 listings)
Public relations firms related to ITV. Also see "Consultants".

Reference Sources (71 listings)
Web sites, newsletters, hardcopy etc offering information related to ITV development and developments.

Research, iTV (43 listings)

Schools using iTV (9 listings)

Servers & its Software (60 listings)
Includes VOD Servers and Server Software.

Set-top Boxes (111 listings)
Set-top Box software & hardware. Also see "Media Centers (Home)" and "DVRs/Timeshifting".

SMS (40 listings)
The Subscriber management System (SMS) could contain all customer relevant information and be responsible for keeping track of placed orders, credit limits, invoicing and payments, as well as the generation of reports and statistics. Customer Management.

Social & Synchronized iT (7 listings)
Also see "Applications, iTV".

Software, iTV (85 listings)
Also see "Agencies (iTV). (This section doesn't necessarily include iTV Middleware/platform software).

Standards/Specifications (3 listings)

System Integrators (56 listings)

Targeted Advertising (3 listings)
Targeted Advertising helps advertisers and agencies find the best audiences at the right times. Also see "Advertising/Marketing".

Tcommerce (1 listing)

Testing & Monitoring (44 listings)
Also Interactive TV Research.

Training Related to iTV (10 listings)
use an education institution's search function and type in "itv" or "interactive TV" or interactive media".

Tru2way (23 listings)
(Formerly The OpenCable Application Platform and prior to that OCAP. Tru2way is a middleware software standard that enables application developers to create new interactive services that will run on a broad range of advanced digital set top boxes and cable-ready TVs.

Used & Discounted (3 listings)
Products/services that at least indirectly and/or directly involve iTV.

Video Conferencing (24 listings)

VOD Content Providers (24 listings)
Programming is delivered to TVs. Also see Content Aggregators, Content Providers and Internet TV.

VOD Solutions (66 listings)
(TV-based) Hardware/software related to VOD. Also see "Content Delivery" and "Headend Solutions".

Walled Gardens, iTV (4 listings)
A limited number of Web pages or similar content that a TV network offers their customers.

Web TV (31 listings)


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