Interactive TV Related Hospitality Businesses
(Products, services and websites vary with time. Please verify.)

(For use in restaurants, sports bars. hotels, clubs, cruises, hospitals, planes, military bases etc.)  Interactive TV Hospitality providers provide walled gardens, broadband Internet, video on demand, local information services and other interactive television related services in restricted areas such as hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, cruise ships, army bases and airplanes.

(Also see "Pay-Per-View", "Video-on-Demand" & "Personal TV")

To find out more about an entity's involvement with interactive television, type both their name and "interactive television" in a search engine.

Additech - at-the-gas pump interactive merchandising systems.
Allen Technologies
Allin Interactive
Buzztime - Interactive gaming for the Hospitality industry.
Catvision Products Ltd.
Conax AS
C&W Business

DMX Technologies
Dr. Bruce Klopfenstein - Links to Related Web-based Hospitality and/or Private Television Resources.
EnReach Technology

Espial Software

General Dynamics - Intrigue Multimedia Systems.
GetWellNetwork - A provider of Interactive Patient Care (IPC) solutions.
Global Eagle
Guest Tek
Hospitality Network - Hospitality industry news.
Hospitality Quest - A webmagazine for the hospitality industry.
Hotel Technology Next Generation - An industry organization.
Interactive In-Flight entertainment
InfoValue - IPTV.
Ken Freed iTV Hospitality Report
Keystone Enterprise Services
NEOS Interactive
Niyamas Software Labs Private Limited
nSTREAMS Technologies

Quadriga Worldwide
Philips Hospitality TV

SONIFI Solutions
Starwood Hotels & Resorts - Offers Interactive Digital TV.
The Hotel Networks
TVR Communications

The interactive TV hospitality industry can:
  • Incorporate a DVD system that provides users with access, control, & bandwidth predictability
  • Take the form of interactive CD-ROMs and be used by interactive multi-media designers
  • Be developed by hospitality related manufacturers and/or providers
  • Be incorporated in interactive video hardware and software systems
  • Provide conditional access technology for digital content
  • Provide control and management of TV centers and networks
  • Be a supplier and/or distributor of Broadcasting, networking, telecommunications & new media
  • Offer Data Storage (RAID) - For Video on demand - Hospitals, Schools, Hotels,Casino's, etc.
  • Be a provider of in-room hospitality resort services
  • Provide interactive TV set-top platform and software; broadband, TV-centric software; middleware
  • Offer digital media solutions, subsystems & applications software to OEMs, VARs, systems integrators, video on demand
  • Interactive TV consumer products, Digital TV & more
  • Provide airplane interactive TV and service TV hospitality
  • Next generation digital interactive TV platform, which is being installed at client hospitals under contract
  • Provider of interactive and broadband solutions to the industry
  • Broadband Internet for air flight passengers
  • Can be Offered at numerous military hospitality functions
  • European video on demand, hospitality, pay per view primarily for hotels
  • Can be ISmartTV, a multimedia product for high-end rooms
  • be advanced IP set-top box systems for interactive broadband TV services
  • Be An interactive TV cruise ship hospitality provider
  • Take the form of end-to-end interactive TV. Also OEM for those working with Web TV, Cable Providers & ISPs
  • Be hospital hospitality services provider
  • Take the form of integrated information delivery system for cable, community TV and corporate communications
  • Be digital interactive hospitality solutions including TV, IVOD, Music, WWW, E-Mail and E-Commerce
  • Be digital and analog video streaming technology - Click on "Hospitality"
  • Be NTN's QB1 football game & hospitality industry
  • Be a provider of video entertainment and information services to the lodging industry
  • Offer smartcard and television combinations
  • Be advanced interactive in-room entertainment including VOD
  • Be a Nordic hospitality provider that broadcasts 100 TV channels and 30 radio stations
  • Can make hardware for hospitality VOD & full-motion video
  • Provide customized Interactive TV Systems for Hotels including PPV
  • Can deliver interactive information, service and entertainment to the all those in the hospitality industry
  • Design, engineering & installation of customized interactive TV broadcast systems for hotels and resorts
  • Be a digital content aggregator, programmer, distributor and/or asset manager
  • Incorporate MPEG appliances for the delivery of live & stored DVD-quality television over digital networks
  • Utilize advanced consumer electronics
  • Provide solutions for guest room and meeting room Internet access.