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A List of Personal TV Businesses
(Timeshifting, Digital Video Recording, PTV, Digital Video Recorders, DVR)
(Products, services and websites vary with time. Please verify.)

To find out more about an entity's involvement with interactive television, type both their name and "interactive television" in a search engine.

(Also see Set-top Box, Media Centers,
Video-on-Demand Content Providers,

Hospitality Providers)

AlchemyTV DVR - TV Tuner and Digital Video Recorder for your PowerMac.
All DVR News - Tips on how to get the most out of your DVR.
Beyond TV - Use a PC as a digital video recorder.
Diamond XtremeTV
Digital Video Recorders News
Digital Video Recorders News - Topix
Dish Network DVRs
EchoStar Europe
Elgato Systems
Exatel Visual Systems
Hauppauge Digital, Inc.
KiSS Networked Entertainment (CISCO) - High Definition Media Player, DVR, more.
LG DVR - The site also has a demo.
LG's Digital Media Recorder with Microsoft Program Guide (LRM-519)
Minerva Networks - Home media server/DVR functionality.
Motorola DVR Systems
MOXI - See "Media Centers (Home).
NDS Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
OpenPVR - OpenPVR is collection of software to turn your computer (with required hardware) into a Personal Video Recorder.
Orca Interactive - Multimedia solutions.
Pace Micro Technology
Pioneer DVRs
RCA DS4290RE System with UltimatETV
ReplayTV - Former earlier US DVR pioneer.
Sagebrush Systems
- DVR software.
Scientific-Atlanta (CISCO) - Scientific-Atlanta DVR Demo.
Seagate - DVR Storage Expander.
Sigma Designs
Sling Media
Tara Systems
TC - PDR (Personal Digital Recorder), software based.
Toshiba - DVR manufactuer.
tvtv - Personal TV Planner
TVWorks - Software solutions.
UltimateTV - UltimateTV service from Microsoft. (TiVos and TiVo Upgrades (including Enhanced Tivos from
XTV (NDS) - XTV, an integrated personal TV system.
Zatz Not Funny DVR News


TiVo Information