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Advanced Broadcast Services
Akamai Technologies
Anystream (Grab Networks)
BarcoNet (CISCO)
Callisto Media Systems
Cisco Systems
Darim Vision
Digital Spy VOD News - UK
EVEO - On-demand rich media solutions for the healthcare industry.
Exent Technologies - Games on demand technologies.
Federal Hill Communications - Licensing and marketing of digital content for Video-On-Demand.
Globecomm Systems
Kauzmic Interactive
Minerva Networks
On Demand Group (SeaChange International)
ONG Corporation

Orca Interactive
RGB Networks
SeaChange International
Tandberg TV
The Kudelski Group
TV Interactive Corporation (TVi)
TV Works
TVN Entertainment - Packages, distributes, and manages video on demand programming.
Wegener Communications


Video on Demand Dictionary & Business Index™

Activated VOD Homes
Advertising-supported Video on Demand - (Ad-supported VOD)
Advertising-supported Video on Demand Network
Content-on-demand (CoD)
Headend-based VOD Subscriber Controls
Impulse Video on Demand – (Impulse VOD)
Instructional VOD
Interactive Television-over-VOD – (Interactive TV-enhanced VOD, Interactive TV-enhanced SVOD)
IP-based Video - (IP-based VOD system – {Internet Protocol}
IPTV Broadcasting – (IP-based Video, IP-based VOD system)
IP VOD - (Internet Protocol Video on Demand)
Niche Video-magazine Service
Niche VOD {packages}
Personalized VOD Entertainment
PVR-enhanced VOD
Telescopic on-demand DVR/VOD Advertising
Transactional VOD – (Pay Per View VOD, Standard VOD)
Uncensored on Demand - (“Uncensored” SVOD/VOD)
Value-added VOD Tiers
Video on Demand Deployments - (VOD Deployments)
Video on Demand-enabled – (VOD-enabled) - (Activated VOD Homes)
Video-on-demand Enhancements – (VOD Enhancements)
Video on Demand Platform – (VOD Platform)
Video on Demand Platform Providers – (VOD Platform Providers)
VOD-enabled Homes
VOD/PPV Content Aggregator

Data Storage Calculator
FCC 8th Annual Assessment of the Status of Competition in the Market for the Delivery of Video Programming (2002) (PDF File)
Hawaii first with on-demand TV videos and shopping information
Video Links
World Television Standards Finder

A List of Video on Demand (VOD)
Hardware and Software Providers Can:

  • Design and manufacture MPEG products used in video on demand
  • Offer a multi-channel VOD satellite channel playout service
  • Do VOD and PTV related consulting & analysis
  • Provide distributed vod application and content delivery services
  • Sell interactive virtual DVD systems that provides VOD users with access, control, & bandwidth predictability!
  • Enable data packets to be sent between intelligent on demand sub-systems
  • Develop browser and application software for interactive TV and video on demand home entertainment
  • Provide QuickTime-based streaming video including QuickTimeTV
  • Sell rich media and video surveillance management on-demand streaming systems
  • Design on demand video networking systems for cable TV and telecommunications service providers
  • Design content management solutions for video on demand and pay TV
  • Offer cable, broadcast & telecom multimedia distribution solutions
  • Design and manufacture broadcast, communications & Internet-related technologies
  • Develops and market digital C/A & other communication technology for video on demand
  • Be a broadband Interactive TV program/applications developer
  • Offer On-Demand streaming video and audio over Broadband IP networks
  • Sell broadcast fibre optic products used for on-demand video
  • Sell digital asset management solutions for video on demand
  • Operate an on-demand cable service like cablevision's iO On demand programming service
  • Sell the Voyager Video Server which is scalable and made for centralized or distributed content
  • Sell interactive TV and VOD middleware
  • Design digital & interactive TV systems;
  • Design and implement digital broadcasting infrastructures
  • Design and manufacture non-linear video editing products
  • Design and manufacture interactive video hardware and software systems
  • Develop and manufacture at 3rd party plants, digital video servers
  • Develop VOD technology and programming for cable television viewers
  • Do programming and scheduling for Charter Communications Video on Demand
  • Design and manufacture storage and system solutions for visual media applications
  • Sell VOD related networking solutions
  • Design and manufacture networking, server and interactive TV storage solutions
  • Deliver TVs via set top box using IP
  • Offer conditional access technology for on-demand digital content
  • Provide streaming video hardware technologies
  • Build a MPEG-2/4 Linux-based set-top box device for VOD
  • Specialize in control and management of TV centers and networks
  • Provide VOD services to broadband network operators
  • Offer streaming media for BusinessTV
  • Be an Internet streaming video-on-demand curriculum subscription service
  • Provide interactive content delivery services including streaming on video.