Interactive Television Entertainment ApS

Headquartered in Denmark but had international operations. ITE was a huge ITV programs developer.  ITE was also a major supplier of interactive games for television.

Some of their work

The Interactive Cartoon Show -TICS - (1998) Players control the actions of various competing cartoon characters.

Crazy Cartoon Soccer - CCS - (1995) - One player must control the goalkeeper and the other player has to score without being tackled.

Hugo Safari - (1999)  A combination of animation and real wildlife footage from the African savannah and the jungles of Borneo and Brazil. Hugo has adventures during his safari, part of which players determine.
Throut & Neck - (1998)  Developed in coordination with MTV in Brazil. A two player game show, where two viewers call in and play against each other.

Hugo Jungle - (1999)  ITE’s Hugo the TV Troll has been broadcasted in more than 25 countries. Hugo’s adventures on a new island are interactively determined (to an extent) by the players.

Tush Tush - Due to a villainous attack by mean folks, Mr. Wannaby is sent out to find treasures to placate their demands, and the viewers have to guide him through various scenarios by using a touch-tone telephone.

The Animation Mask System – (AMS) - The AMS consists of a helmet, a remote control and a hardware module. The helmet is fitted with complex sensors that read the facial movements of the person wearing the helmet and these movements will be transferred directly to the animated character.

WebChoice - Television/Internet convergence technology without needing a Set-top Box or TV tuner. Television programmers include WebChoice’s "Zaptones" in the program they’re producing. These "Zaptones" point a viewer’s PC browser to whatever Web page the television program producer want the audience to see and participate in. Consumers can download the WebChoice software for free from the WebChoice Website :

The Live Interactive Commercial - (1997) – Said to be the world’s first true interactive television commercial. It debuted on Denmark´s TV2 in May 1997.

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