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List of Interactive TV Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRDs) Businesses
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Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRDs)
Hardware and Software Providers Can:

  • Build synchornized TV and FM Broadcasting Transmission Systems
  • Design and manufacture videoconferencing & streaming video solutions primarily for businesses
  • Build digital compression systems for video & data distribution networks
  • Build open solutions for digital broadcasting
  • Design and manufacture radio-relay equipment
  • Be An Internet Infrastucture software supplier
  • Build hardware, including set-tops for wireless cable, pay-TV, video on demand, IP delivery networks and MMDS
  • Design digital TV compression and transmission solutions
  • Sell coaxial systems for telecom and cable broadcasting
  • Develop high speed IT products for MPEG2, MOEG4, MPEG21, dvb and DTV
  • Design and manufacture dhigh definition video, audio & broadcast data systems
  • Be an OEM professional grade printed circuit boards & other electronic components manufacturer
  • Consumer electronics, digital audio and video, and embedded systems
  • Sell broadcast transmitters and antennas used with Terrestrial DVB
  • Design and manufacture routing switcher systems for broadcasting & other industries.