Interactive TV Solutions
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Interactive TV Solutions Providers Can:
  • Create products for origination of Teletext and EPGs
  • Develop multi-platform interactive software for DTV
  • Specialize in data collection & distribution services for cable & satellite operators
  • Offer Interactive TV software applications & related customization/integration services
  • Be an Interactive sports solutions provider, publishing targeted sports sites
  • Develop HTML-based TV products & services
  • Build multi-platform digital media platform for Interactive TV
  • Develop software Solutions for MPEG technology
  • Provide technology solutions for broadband network operators, pay-TV & terrestrial broadcasters
  • Be Interactive TV consultants & product developers including hardware & software for Interactive TV
  • Develop Multi-platform authoring & production solutions for interactive TV
  • Build middleware, IPG, User Interface, application engines
  • Offer generalized digital and Interactive Media Solutions
  • Test cross-platform interactive TV applications
  • Sell software products for the production and operation of interactive TV services
  • Be a software/equipment designer/developer
  • Develop broadband interactive content creation tool and platform and multicast via satellite networks
  • Provide integrated broadband access platforms for voice, data & multi-stream digital video
  • Enable service providers and broadcasters to deliver digital services
  • Develop programming solutions for embedded & downloadable systems
  • Offer a scalable, high performance, client/server networking package for real time interaction over the Internet
  • Acquire, produce and deliver live content across multiple media platforms
  • Offer managed mission-critical network solutions for enterprises
  • Specialize in J2EE & component-based technology for interactive entertainment & financial services sectors
  • Sell operating software for broadcast & broadband delivery systems
  • Create connectivity and network management software
  • Provide MPEG appliances for the delivery of live & stored DVD-quality television over digital networks
  • Create systems that store, protect, move and manage digital content
  • Provide ATM, Optical Networking, DWDM, SONET and Network Management solutions
  • Create robust, scalable, standards-based platform, which forms the centre for all activity on an Interactive TV system
  • Provide digital video, audio & broadcast data systems
  • Be cross-platform consulting specialists
  • Offer content strategy, design & production for Interactive TV, wireless and the Web
  • Create linking device platforms
  • Be an interactive TV E-Commerce, cross-platform developer
  • Can sell intelligent agent for personalization solutions across various platforms, operating systems and devices
  • Specialize in tools to create interactive TV content for broadcasting/publishing onto any medium