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List of Interactive TV Related Testing,
Measurement and Monitoring Businesses
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Interactive TV Testing, Measurement, Monitoring Businesses Can:
  • Provide services for broadband, electronic and telecommunication equipment 
  • Offer communications test and management consultations
  • Design and manufacture broadcast industry test instruments
  • Develop Interactive TV solutions and datacasting rechnologies.
  • test viewers analysis tools
  • Testing and measurement tools/systems
  • Specialize in digital and analog decoders maintenance
  • Build broadcast and image-related equipment, as well as testing and measurement instruments
  • Specialize in testing Windows embedding software and offer Windows embedding software development tools
  • Design interactive TV middleware
  • Offer project management and engineering services for the TV broadcast sector
  • Specialize in the broadcast, telecommunications and convergence markets
  • Design and manufacture governement network support products and solutions
  • DBRM consumer and industrial electronics including HDTV
  • Test, Measurement, and Monitoring infustrature for digital media
  • Design and manufacture MPEG data analysis and compliance testing software for DVD industries
  • Design and manufacture testing and measurement tools for interactive broadband network
  • Build network transmission testing systems for cable, satellite, Internet amd data
  • Offer end-to-end digital broadcasting solutions
  • Sell SDI/AES digital video and audio calibration products
  • Build audio transmission products for cable Head-ends and other Broadcasting centers
  • Be a Chinese electronic instrument manufacturer
  • Provide middleware OS support, testing, products and client/server network integration
  • Provide Web over DTV, measuring/testing/transmitting products/services
  • Design digital compression testing system for video and data distribution networks
  • Electronic test equipment solutions for high-tech electronics
  • Be an European supplier of maintenance products
  • Be an UK Teletext digital television testing specialist
  • Build hardware and software for TV Sets, VCR´s and set-Top boxes
  • Be a interactive TV test, measurement and monitoring solutions Provider Design automated testing software for Interactive TV, handhelds and PC Workstations
  • Design and manufacture semiconductors for storing, converting and distributing audio and digital signals
  • Offer benchmark testing for audio/video conferencing software and equipment
  • Build intercom, SPG's & line monitoring equipment for broadcasting
  • Offer data broadcasting over the digital television spectrum
  • Build electronic measuring equipment for the DTV and satellite industry
  • Telecommunication Support Services including satellite
  • Build COFDM-based modulators, de-modulators, adapters and monitoring equipment
  • Offer Interactive TV testing, measurement, monitoring software testing services
  • Design and manufacture MPEG appliances for the delivery of live & stored DVD-quality television over digital networks
  • Also develop MPEG-2 video compression systems/products for Broadcast, Cable & Multimedia
  • manufacture equipment for testing video during television broadcasting
  • Design and manufacture video and audio measurement products
  • Also be IC chip suppier for digital media
  • Provice enterprise technology solutions and other hardware and software.