Interactive TV Related Video Server Businesses
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Interactive TV Video Server hardware and Software Providers Can:
  • Build the Voyager video server which is scalable and has central or distributed caching functionality
  • Develop/manufacture at 3rd party plants, STBs & digital video server hardware
  • Offer broadcasting, networking, telecommunications and new media servers
  • Provide servers for digital interactive video, HDTV, interactive DVB and streaming solutions
  • Build multi-port MPEG server decoders and graphic mixing cards also server software and backend solutions
  • Design MPEG-4 streaming solutions for servers
  • provide interactive digital electronic systems and video disk recording technology for VOD servers
  • Sell interactive TV digital video platform servers for storage and broadcasting
  • Specialize in server convergence and digital transmission content protection
  • Sell home entertainment centers and home networking server hubs
  • Be a developer of server-based interactive streaming media technologies based on MPEG-4
  • Provide interactive video transmission using peer to peer servers
  • Offer wireless communication technologies and networking solutions utilizing p2p servers and set-top boxes
  • Sell interactive multimedia servers for NVOD, VOD and PPV
  • Design and manufacture networked content server systems
  • Design and manufacture broadband IP video networking and IP video streaming solutions
  • Design and manufacture broadcast & telecommunications delivery systems for signal management
  • Provide end-to-end solutions in video and audio communication
  • Sell network DVR video editing, storage, distribution and viewing appliances
  • Design and manufacture tools for enabling a smooth transition to digital broadcasting
  • Design and manufacture software-base server products to manage, store and distribute digital video
  • Be a provider of set-top storage solutions
  • Provide hardware and software for streaming media, videoconferencing, VOD, Personal TV servers
  • Sell Teletext and data broadcast servers
  • Design and manufacture RTSP based Video on Demand servers
  • Design and manufacture Semiconductors for storing, converting & distributing audio & digital signals on servers
  • Sell MPEG appliances for the delivery of live & stored DVD-quality television over digital networks
  • Offer video solutions for Client-server broadcasting & Internet broadcasting and DVB
  • Sell MPEG-2 video compression systems/products for Broadcast servers, cable & multimedia storage systems
  • Specialize in Computer to Video conversion
  • Supply home & industry video {theater} projectors, HDTV - ready projectors
  • Design and manufacture digital video, audio & broadcast data systems
  • Develop services & tools for interactive programming
  • Provide advanced interactive TV consumer electronics
  • Provide Interactive TV products for processing digital transmission of data, audio & video.