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List of Interactive Digital TV (Digital Interactive TV) Businesses
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Interactive TV Digital Asset Management businesses can:
  • Provide solutions for broadcasters, Digital and Interactive markets, STBs & integrated TVs; MHEG-5 platform
  • Develop multi-platform Interactive software for DTV
  • Offer Digital TV-related services & applications
  • Develop Web page and applications designed for Interactive digital TV
  • Offer Software Engineering and Development company specializing in digital cable television
  • Specializing in DVD authoring, Webcasting, WAP, INTERACTIVE TV, DTV & more
  • Provide courses both via the internet and Interactive digital television
  • Provide an Interactive TV solution for the Hospitality, Residential and Mobile markets
  • Have technologies linked to digital INTERACTIVE TV & is a partner of audio-visual groups & satellite operators
  • Be an Interactive TV developer, including INTERACTIVE TV E-Commerce. Cross-platform developer
  • Offer INTERACTIVE TV solutions including shopping, banking and distance learning applications
  • Offer E-Insurance Software in Web, WAP and Interactive DTV designs and implementation
  • Offer Software & solutions for next-generation network & service providers
  • Provide middleware and other forms of software
  • Sell digital media content on Digital TV & over the Internet, middleware
  • Microsoft Interactive Television, a.k.a. Microsoft®TV
  • Specialize in digital TV Personalizing and filtering application
  • Make Set-tops & links household devices to the Internet
  • Merge television programming with Internet content
  • Build communications apps on Internet and Digital TV
  • Create INTERACTIVE TV software & applications
  • Create INTERACTIVE TV software and middleware
  • Specialize in Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)
  • Specialize in interactive digital TV services using the DVB-MHP
  • Specialize in data broadcasting over the digital television spectrum
  • Specialize in media distribution software platform/applications enabling STBs & media servers for on-demand
  • Be Merging Media Technologies specialists - broadcast, broadband & Internet
  • Enable broadcasters to build a direct-to-home digital audience.