Interactive TV Related
Embedded Systems Businesses
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To find out more about an entity's involvement with interactive television, type both their name and "interactive television" in a search engine.

Interactive TV Embedded Systems can:

  • Be IP-based services, service creation & delivery tools & embedded network appliance technology
  • Take the form of source code & Real-Time Operating Systems, Tool Sets
  • Be Hardware & software solutions for Real-Time computer applications Be in the form of conditional access; intelligent sub-systems where data packets are transmitted
  • Be embedded browser and e-mail software for consumer electronics and Internet devices
  • Be broadcast & image-related equipment & test & measurement instruments
  • Specialize in Windows embedding software; testing, development tools
  • Be software products & ported operating systems to a wide range of chipsets for digital TV
  • Provide Interactive TV Solutions : Adding Value to Entertainment
  • Be Interactive TV Set-top Platform software; broadband, TV-centric software or middleware
  • Be embedded solutions to make applications more compact and digitalize the service
  • Be products for sharing & working with video over networks; video browser
  • Be end-to-end ITV. Also OEM for those working with Cable Providers & ISPs, Web TV
  • Be a provider of software for networked entertainment devices in the home
  • Be software solutions for embedded systems
  • Be programming solutions for embedded & downloadable systems
  • Be embedded software solutions for Set-tops
  • Software products for embedded card transactions
  • Has developed custom embedded-software solutions for 3Com, Philips, CTI, and Eagle Broadband, Inc.
  • Be a provider of Java Virtual Machine for embedded systems & Internet Appliances
  • Be "IMAGINEERING" technology for consumers
  • Be important information pertaining to embedded systems
  • Be hardware & software for TV Sets, VCR´s & Set-Top Boxes
  • Take the form of consumer electronics, digital audio and video, and embedded systems
  • Be an embedded technology platform for integrated ITV
  • Be a hardware design services and software solutions
  • Be embedded systems, dsp, real-time/rtos, board-level computing, soc and more ...
  • Be an information appliance resource Web magazine.