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Interactive TV IP Multicast - Interactive TV Multicast
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To find out more about an entity's involvement with interactive television, type both their name and "interactive television" in a search engine.

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Broadcast Multicast
Broadcast Unicast
Digital TV Multicast
IGMP - (Internet Group Multicast Protocol)
Internet Protocol Multicast(ing) - (IP Multicasting)
Multicast Backbone - (Mbone)
Truncasted Reserve Path Broadcasting - (TRPB)

Interactive TV IP Multicast & Interactive TV Multicast can:

  • Be take the form of broadband multimedia delivery based on Internet standards
  • Offer Technology licensing and help develop core intellectual property
  • Be used by leading providers of carrier-class solutions that power IP Television, IP telephony
  • Be used in relation to Digital Decoder Software
  • Be part of End-to-end digital broadcasting solutions
  • Enable service providers and broadcasters to deliver digital services
  • Be used along with Set-top graphics technology
  • Be used by MPEG appliances for the delivery of live & stored DVD-quality television over digital networks.