MHEG-5/Interactive TV Related Businesses
(Multimedia and Hypermedia Information Coding Expert Group)
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(Last updated in 2012)

To find out more about an entity's involvement with interactive television, type both their name and "interactive television" in a search engine.

"MHEG-5 is a licence-free and public standard for interactive TV middleware that is used both to send and receive interactive TV signals." (Wikipedia)

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MHEG-5 is being phased out.
For Interactive TV can:
  • Offer solutions for broadcasters and the digital and interactive markets, set-top boxes & integrated TV; MHEG-5 platform
  • Provide interactive TV Solutions: adding value to entertainment
  • Are created for digital & interactive TV systems; designs/implements digital broadcasting infrastructures
  • Be used in UK digital Teletext content portals
  • Be used when creating graphics and multimedia authoring
  • Be part of End-to-end digital broadcasting solutions.