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List of Interactive TV Middleware Businesses
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Interactive TV Middleware Businesses can:
  • Provide interactive TV Solutions : Adding Value to Entertainment
  • Sell digital & Interactive TV systems; They can design and implement digital broadcasting infrastructures
  • Create Interactive TV set-top platform and software; broadband, TV-centric software
  • Offer numerous Interactive TV solutions. They can be a Telco middleware provider
  • Design IPGs, user Interfaces, application engines
  • Provide interactive TV services, interactive TV network support services, T-com & more
  • specialize in middleware driver design, architecture design and support
  • produces set-top box middleware and software
  • Design set-top box OS platforms as well as middleware
  • Provide middleware operating system support, testing, products, & client/server network integration
  • Offer end-to-end TV-based broadband entertainment services, middleware and other solutions
  • Sell Interactive TV applications, STB software, systems integration, test, training, consulting
  • Be a manufacturer of Interactive TV related products, related operating systems and middleware
  • Be used for d-box network & other MHP-compatible STB & next-generation TV for e-commerce
  • Take the form of products range from satellite boxes to interactive cable gateways
  • Be MHP Authoring software & Consulting
  • Be DVB-MHP ITV Content Creation Tools for designing Graphic User Interfaces
  • Interactive digital TV services using the DVB-MHP
  • Help enable service providers and broadcasters to deliver digital services
  • Be used by MPEG appliances in the delivery of live & stored DVD-quality television over digital networks.
  • Be created by a Java software company specializing in Internet technologies & system integration, CMS
  • Be software that helps manage Interactive TV broadcast communications
  • Be authoring and management solutions for digital television
  • Be d-box network & other MHP-compatible STB & next-generation TV for e-commerce
  • Take the form of datacasting and interactive digital TV software applications.


Middleware (Interactive TV) - (a.k.a. System software or Platform software, Middleware Layer. Associated with Interactive Entertainment Middleware, Interactive Television Middleware, Interactive TV Middleware, Television Related Middleware). Click here for the definition.