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List of Interactive TV Related PacketCable™
Specification Businesses
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PacketCable Specification
Wikipedia Definition

iTVDictionary definition of Packet-Switched Network

At the time of this writing, VoIP services based on the PacketCable architecture are being deployed by various cable operators including:

  • Vidéotron -"VoIP services"(Canada: Quebec)
  • Time Warner - Digital Phone (System wide)
  • Cablevision  – Optimum Voice (System wide)
  • Comcast - Comcast Digital Voice (System-wide)
  • Cox – Cox Digital Telephone (System-wide)
  • Charter (St. Louis, Wisconsin)
  • Bright House Networks (Florida)
  • Liberty Cablevision (Puerto Rico)
  • GCI (Alaska)
  • Optus - SingTel Optus Pty Ltd (Australia)
  • NET Virtua - NET Serviços de comunicação (Brasil)
  • Shaw - "Shaw Digital Phone"(Canada: Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Victoria.)
  • "BRAGATEL"/ Bragatel (Braga, Portugal)
  • "TVCABO"/ PT Multimedia (Portugal)
  • Rogers - Rogers Home Phone (Canada wide (Major cities and towns serviceable with rogers high-speed internet are eligible, still expanding, St John's, NL to Vancouver, BC Serviceable as of July 2007))
  • Bresnan Communications - Bresnan Digital Phone (System wide)
  • Ziggo - "Ziggo Telefonie"(The Netherlands)
  • UPC Broadband - "UPC Broadband"(Across Europe)
  • Unitymedia (Germany)
  • KabelBW - "Clever Kabel" (Germany)


Interactive TV PacketCable™ Specification Businesses Can:
  • Provide products for advanced services like IP telephony
  • Partner with companies to bring a complete end-to-end PacketCable™ solution
  • Develop PacketCable standards-based, voice-over-cable systems