Interactive TV Server Hardware/Software Businesses
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Interactive TV Server Software Can:
  • Offer streaming video post codec error correction; On demand server side software and middleware
  • Provide interactive TV set-top platforms and software as well as broadband, TV-centric software and middleware
  • Be a manufacturer of Interactive TV related products, related operating systems and middleware
  • Offer robust, scalable, standards-based platform, which forms the center for all activity on an interactive TV system
  • Sell switchers, digital video platforms and more for broadcasting
  • Offer software for standards-based servers for NVOD, VOD & PPV. MPEG software can be used
  • Create set-top box software
  • Take the form of products ranging from satellite boxes to interactive cable gateways
  • Provide software and servers for NVOD, VOD & PPV. That includes MPEG software
  • Provide ATM, Optical Networking, DWDM, SONET and Network Management solutions
  • Provide digital video, audio & broadcast data systems
  • Provide analog and digital broadcasting, videoconferencing, specific soft over optical fibre & twited pairs
  • Specialize in interactive digital TV services using the DVB-MHP specification
  • Offer media distribution software platforms and applications that enabling STBs and media servers for on-demand
  • Have cross-platform features
  • Manage delivery across all Internet-enabled devices
  • Be in the form of an Internet deployment software & solutions provider
  • Be used for d-box network & other MHP-compatible STB & next-generation TV for e-commerce.