Subscriber Management Systems (SMS) Businesses
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Allot Communications
Azar Computer Software
Conax AS

ETI software Solutions
Great Lakes Data Systems
Hwacom Systems
Northstar Software Solutions
Procera Networks
Redback Networks (Ericsson)
RR Enterprises Ltd.
Sigma Systems
Synchronoss Technologies
Yaskawa Information Systems

Interactive TV Subscriber Management Systems can:
(Updated in 2011)
  • Provide Interactive TV software applications and related customization/integration services
  • Aid in subscriber acquisition, provisioning and management software for broadband service providers
  • Help with subscriber management and billing solutions for the telecommunications industry
  • Develop and market digital conditional access and other communication technologies
  • Develop interactive TV solutions by adding value to entertainment
  • Selling network, server and storage solutions
  • Providing conditional access technology for digital content
  • Provide integrated customer care and billing services
  • Develop customer care and billing solutions for the convergent communications industry
  • Design broadcasting, networking, telecommunications and new media
  • Create customer management and open billing solutions to the communications and utility industries
  • Develop subscriber management and billing solutions for telecommunications and cable TV
  • Create technology to facilitate wholesale and retail billing arrangements for both content and network services
  • Develop affordable Windows/SQL billing, subscriber management and PPV software
  • Sell television station automation-end to end broadcast solutions
  • Design content management and delivery platforms for PCs and TVs
  • Be a developer of tools for delivering and measuring streaming media applications
  • Specialize in broadcast management solutions
  • Be used in conjunction with digital satellite television viewing
  • Be used in conjunction with digital TV, audio and broadband Internet
  • Be used in conjunction with smart card security
  • Be used in conjunction with Interactive Television integration software and platforms
  • Be used in conjunction with Internet TV digital media management and content distribution services
  • Be used in conjunction with conditional access, copy protection, storage and set top boxes
  • Be used to help design broadcast subscriber management in video libraries
  • Be used in conjunction with courier software and databases solutions
  • Be used in conjunction with customer care and billing software solutions for the telecommunications industry
  • Be utilized in many cable TV operations throughout Canada, the United States, Latin America and Europe
  • Be part of operations support systems and business support systems solutions in interactive digital television systems
  • Be part of 4G Internet and broadband systems
  • Be used in conjunction with next-generation full service VDSL
  • Be used by digital content aggregators, programmers, distributors and asset managers
  • Be set up as part of interactive Cable and satellite TV
  • Be used by debt recovery service providers for the cable industry
  • Be used by collections companies specializing in the CATV industry
  • Be used by CATV call centers with IVR, CTI, Web response and critical messaging capabilities
  • Be part of customer contact solutions.