Teletext Businesses
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To find out more about an entity's involvement with interactive television, type both their name and "interactive television" in a search engine.

Albrecht Elektronik
CEEFAX - "The oldest teletext service in the world".
Digital Vision
EEG enterprises
F A Bernhardt GmbH, FAB
Norpak Corp
Rohde & Schwarz
Sofia Digital
TTS Cross Media Group
Teletext Ltd.

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Teletext Definition

Interactive Teletext
Interactive TV Teletext - Lots of  Interactive TV Reports and more (by KEN FREED)
Look of actual Teletext
Minitel (France) (Former major teletext provider from France)
Teletext TVs - Televisions with the built-in ability to be teletext compatible.
Windows Millennium Edition (Has Teletext capacity)

Teletext Manufacturers and Suppliers Can:
  • Can offer a range of software and hardware applications related to videotex
  • Design captioning, subtitling, Webcast captioning and Interactive TV links
  • Be a Teletext service from BBC. CEEFAX is the oldest TeleText service in the world
  • Offer linear or interactive Teletext
  • Build systems and software for video, HDTV, broadcast graphics, interactive games & more
  • Create rich media management & video authoring software production tools, streaming media tools
  • Provide media mastering, networking and digital cinema products
  • Sell closed caption hardware, VCHIPs, URL Encoders, Inserters, Decoders
  • Provide MPEG-4 streaming video and audio solutions
  • Offer numerous solutions for Videotext
  • Also offer Interactive TV programming including EPGs, Teletext advertising and enhanced TV
  • Offer advancements such as Digital Teletext
  • Sell video editing software solutions for the broadcast & video post production
  • Provide VBI Data Insertion and products for Digital Video and more
  • Also offer Interactive TV software, hardware and back-end
  • Develop multi-platform interactive software for DTV
  • Sell video software products for sharing & working with video over networks
  • Also supply Time Code hardware for closed Captioning
  • Be a leading supplier of TV data broadcast solutions that include digital teletext
  • Sell software and hardware definitions for digitalized videotext
  • Specialize in Web over DTV as well as signal testing and video generating products
  • Provide digital broadcasting technology to the datacasting industry
  • Sell video software products for video browsers
  • Do subtitle preparation and transmission
  • Develop interactive streaming media software production technologies based on MPEG-4
  • Sell TV Broadcast interface products including signal encoders and convertors
  • Design EPG and digital teletext for DVB-T
  • Be UK Teletext and digital television specialists
  • Offer MPEG subtitling solutions
  • Develop video software media production systems using Linux
  • Be suppliers of audio and video equipment to the broadcasting industry
  • Make tools designed for the digital content creation market
  • Create products for digital Teletext, Programme Delivery Controls and Electronic Program Guides
  • Design hardware & software for TV Sets, VCR´s & Set-Top Boxes
  • Sell all-in-one solutions for video editing, compositing and animation
  • Develop gaming, PPV and graphics software
  • Design telematic systems & services
  • Be an UK Teletext content portal
  • Design video production software for the Web
  • Offer video production software digital imaging solutions
  • Be an UK digital Teletext portal
  • Build encoders for generation, insertion and encoding digital content
  • Specialize in Video editing/storage/distribution/viewing products
  • Do production of and create products for interactive media including streaming video
  • Build high speed IT products for mpeg2, dvb and DTV and Satellite decoders
  • Offer video software for managing/publishing/distributing online video
  • Build DVB set-tops for satellite and cable pay TV
  • Offer Teletext subtitling.