Web TVs and Web TV Providers
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(May also be known as: Web-over Television Services, Web Enhanced TV, TeleWebbing, Teleweb, TV-based Web Browsing, TV Internet Delivery System, Set-top Box, TV Internet Access Device, Phone-Based Web Boxes, WebTV Device, Hybrid WebTV Device, Web Over TV, Web-based Internet TV, Web Channels, Web TV.

Associated with TV Internet Access Device, Terrestrial-based Internet-over-TV service, IP Niche Programming, Narrowcasting, Slivercasting, VOD, IP VOD Channel, IPTV, Internet Channels, Online TV, Net TV, Television-over-broadband, Broadband Entertainment, Internet enabled TV, Internet on TV, Internet-over-TV, High Speed Internet on TV, Internet-connected TVs, TV Internet System, InternetTV, Online Video, TV-over-ADSL, TV-based Internet, Broadband-based TV, ITV-over-DSL, Broadband ITV, ADSL-based VOD, Interactive Broadband Television, Interactive Online TV, Terrestrial-based Internet-over-TV.)

To find out more about an entity's involvement with interactive television, type both their name and "interactive television" in a search engine.

AOLTV - Formerly a Web TV service offered by AOL.
Canal+ - French Pay TV operator that offered/offers Web TV.
EspriTV - A former Web TV service.
Freedomland - A former Web TV service.
Intel's Intercast
Kingston Interactive Television (Kingston Communications) - Former pioneering UK IPTV serivce.
MSN® TV & Here - WebTV/Interactive TV service offered by Microsoft.
Neon Technology - A former Web TV Business.
Net4TV - Web TV Information supersite.
NetChannel - Internet-TV service bought out by AOL for the former Web TV service, AOLTV.
NetGem - Makes Set-tops & links household devices to the Internet.
Ocean Blue Software - Software for Web TV.
ON2 Google) - Software for Web TV.
Ondigital (later named "ITV Digital") - A former UK Web TV service.

Open - A former UK Interactive TV service.
OpenV - Interactive web TV platform. (China).
PowerChannel - Former Web TV.
Red Bee Media
Source Media's Interactive Television - A former Web TV service.
Spotmagic - Web TV/PC download to make PC, radio & TV interactive.
Telewest - UK cable operator that had a Web TV service.
TAK - Former Internet & iTV from Thomson Multimedia & Microsoft.
Tmira Solutions - Solutions for Web TV.
Grass Valley
The Dishplayer with Web TV - A fomer Web TV service.
TVPC - Offered an Entertainment PC which ran on Windows.
TVTonic - Former TVPC service.

Ultimate TV - WebTV® Enhanced TV platform from DIRECTV & Microsoft WebTV®.
Veon - Former video broadband programming and Interactive TV platform. They also offered a free Web TV/PC download.
WaveTop (Downloading VBI content).
Web Computers International (Former Web TV Provider).
Win TV Player (SpotMagic)(Free Web TV/ PC download).
ZeeVee - Web TV Browser.


About WebTV® and MSN® TV
NT Ltd. (Enabling Smart Appliances, embedded web/email).
ITvSearch.com (Former search engine made for Web TV users).
Libcast Web TV extension

Net4TV (Early site made by & for users of WebTV™ & other Internet TV Set-top Boxes).
Numericable (Used to and/or still has, a Web TV service).
PCDTV (Organization that used to promoting digital broadcast receivers & DTV technology for the PC).
RUEL - (Former major news about Set-top Boxes).
RUEL - (Former major site for TV Tuner Card {for your PV} & PC-TV).
Ruleweb WebTV crossover links (Article).

SesamTV (Connected the TV to the PC).
Web TV Code Writing Tips

WebTV Design Guide For Webmasters
WebTV Newsgroup
WebTV Report Card 2001, Pt. 1: Users Grade the Product
Web TV / Internet TV by Walt Mossberg

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