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The Definition of Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS)
(Satellite TV - Last update in 2012)

Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) – (a.k.a. Satellite TV) - DBS TV is the name for the broadcast delivery system commonly referred simply as "Satellite TV". It's a satellite communications technology that allows use of a small (18 inches to 3 feet in diameter) receiver dish typically put on the consumer's roof, as well as a receiver unit (a.k.a. decoder, set-top box,) positioned by a TV so the consumer can receive satellite television signals from the dish.
  DBS has a huge channel capacity. With DBS, several standard analog television signals are digitally compressed allowing hundreds of channels to be received (though different subscription services exist and not every DBS subscriber would get hundreds of channels.)  With special dishes that point to two or even three positions simultaneously, this number may eventually be increased to up to 500 channels.
  Sky is a major DBS company in the UK. Sky offers the best Interactive TV. (The UK is the most advanced country in terms of Interactive Television.) There are primarily two U.S. DBS providers, DIRECTV and DISH Network (EchoStar).  DISH, a pioneer in Interactive Television, offers the best Interactive Television in the US of the two.

One way to experience interactivity while watching satellite TV is to watch it on your PC. First you’ll need to install a DVB-S receiver card for your PC. This is assuming the satellite TV service you subscribe to uses DVB-S or DVB-S2 for data distribution.

Internet Protocol over Satellite or IPoS, is the most widely deployed satellite broadband standard and has become the first global standard for the industry. The announcement was made by Hughes Network Systems following the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) ratification of the IPoS air interface standard in February. IPoS was first ratified early in 2004 by the Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA), the primary standards body for the telecommunications industry in North America.

S-DOCSIS (Satellite - Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification). S-DOCSIS is a modification of the DOCSIS cable-modem protocol for Internet transmission over satellite. At least to some extent it can share development costs with cable providers and others using DOCSIS.


Satellite TV Systems (forums.)

Various Related Terms

DBS - See Direct Broadcast Satellite above.

Dish Network - Echostar, the Satellite TV Provider. Dish Network has been an early provider of Interactive TV in the States and at the time of this writing, among the best.

DTH - Direct To Home

Satellite TV Video on Demand

SKY - The Great British Satellite TV Provider