23 centimeters - (Associated with Amateur television channel 1, Narrow-bandwidth FM point-to-point links and digital, duplex with 1258-1260 MHz, Amateur television channel 2, Narrow-bandwidth FM point-to-point links and digital, duplexed with 1246-1248 MHz, Wide-bandwidth experimental, simplex ATV, Repeater inputs, FM and linear, paired with 1282-1288, 239 pairs every 25 kHz, e.g. 1270.025, .050, etc., Amateur television channel 3, Repeater outputs, paired with 1270-1276, Narrow-bandwidth FM simplex services, 25-kHz channels, SSTV, FAX, ACSSB, experimental, EME, CW expansion, EME-exclusive, CW beacons, Crossband linear translator input, Crossband linear translator output, Amateur radio bands.) - An amateur UHF radio band spectrum located between 1240 and 1300 MHz. Most amateur radio communication is in the 23 cm band.