Access Control - (Associated with Methods for controlling user access to networks, Access Arrangement, Access Barred Signal, Access Attempt, Access Category, Access Charge, Access Code, Access Connection, Access Contention, Access Control Message, Access Coupler, Access Denial, Access Digit, Access Function, Access Group, Accessibility, Access Level, Access Line, Access List, Access Loop, Access Node, Access Originator, Access Path, Access Period, Access Permission, Access Phase, Access Point, Access Profile, Access Provider, Access Request, Access Right, Access Service Area, Access System, Access Tandem, Access Time, Access Type, Access Unit.  These include login passwords as well as time and computer restrictions.

Access Control List -  A list of those entities authorized to access a resource and what they're allowed to do with it.

Access Control Mechanism - Security software, hardware and related devices related to limiting access to a resource.

Access Denial Time (System Blocking) - The time period between the attempted access and access failure.

Access Failure (Access Denial) - (Associated with Access Outage, User Blocking, Incorrect Access) - An attempt to access a network, system, etc. that is unsuccessful.

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