Toolkit - Software routines and/or utilities (tools) that are used to develop and maintain applications and databases.

Authoring Tools - (Interactive Television) – (May be known as Interactive TV Toolkit, Enhancement Author. May be associated with Toolset.) - These create and/or integrate interactive television into television programming. Typically it's software. Depending on the product, these could be used for all or some of the interactive program's production and telecast, (from “concept to broadcast”.) In one authoring environment, (1) footage is separated into individual shots, then identified and tracked are multiple objects in a frame which allows the embedding of content into those objects; (2) Generated is a code necessary for transmission of the interactive content; (3) It plays out, controls and synchronize interactive television applications on air.

Authoring - Preparing content for interactive media and putting it into compatible computer language. Link.

List of Interactive TV Authoring and Production Tools Developers