Power-Line Broadband - (PLB) - See Power Line Communication below.

Power Line Communication - (PLC) - (Maybe known as Broadband over Power Lines, Power-line Broadband, Power-line Internet, Internet Over High-power Utility Lines) - Internet and/or TV service using the utility company’s power lines to homes and other buildings. Important to this scenario also are the lines to the building that monitor the power usage amount versus the lines that strictly carry current to the building (though that could change in the future.) It’s possible that this could disrupt over-the-air TV signals in the lower VHF band.
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Access BPL - Uses electrical distribution lines (underground or overhead) to provide broadband Internet access.

Control PLC (Control Powerline Communications) – Using power-lines as transmission lines, Control PLC operates below 500 kHz and is used by electric-utility companies to control their equipment.

In-building BPL - Uses the electrical wiring inside the building for networking computers.

Power Line Antenna - TV antenna system that uses the house’s electrical wiring as the antenna.

Power-line Networking -