Content Provider - (a.k.a Network Operator) - Very often "network operator" is used instead as most folks get their TV from  networks they pay for (such as satellite, cable, telco TV etc.) Content provider can include local network television stations affiliates, cable television providers, telcos, terrestrial and satellite TV providers. The content provider might also be an Aggregator.

Content Distributors
- See Content Providers. The terms "Content Distributors and Content Vendors might be used to denote those that distribute to a broader range of media. Content Providers in television might be more associated with network operators.
The Content Distributor might also be an Aggregator.

Content Vendors See Content Distributors above.



Back Channel
- (a.k.a., Backchannel, Return Channel, Reverse Channel, Return Path, Return Link, Back Channel Network Connection)

Cable TV Operator (CATV Operator, Cable Multiple System Operators {MSOs}) - Offers cable television to subscribers in it's designated area.

Program Provider - Internet TV's, IPTV's and other applicable technology's ability to be able to help almost anyone offer TV programming of some sort.

VOD/PPV Content Aggregator

See the Interactive Television Institute.