DTT – (Digital Terrestrial Television) –  (a.k.a. DTTV, Digital Terrestrial Service. Associated with Free-to-air-TV, Free-to-air Digital Television, Digital Terrestrial Television, Commercial Terrestrial Broadcasting, Terrestrial Broadcasting, Terrestrial Transmission) – (1) Delivering multichannel TV and interactive services into the home through a TV aerial (antenna).  Freeview in the UK is an example of this. www.freeview.co.uk   (2) TV Transmission using one or more transmitters located on the ground. Alternatives are cable TV transmission and satellite TV transmission. Analog television was initially transmitted via terrestrial transmission.

Digital Terrestrial-based Internet-over-TV Service
– See Terrestrial-based Internet-over-TV.

Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting - DTB can be received anywhere and at anytime with a small reception antenna. Via DTB, end-users (customers) can also watch programming, or receive other data that has been transmitted to compatible wireless devices. See DTT.

Digital Terrestrial Datacasters – See Datacast.

Digital Terrestrial Service – See DTT.

Digital Terrestrial Television - See DTT.

Digital Terrestrial Television Action Group - (DigiTag) - Formed in September of 1996 to help make digital terrestrial television services using the Digital Video Broadcasting Project's (DVB-T) specifications and standards more popular.  It's best known for European associated activities.

DTT Receivers – The set top box (or equivalent) used to receive and if possible, interact using your Digital Terrestrial Television system. Functions can include DVR/media center functionality and a return path.

Interactive Digital Terrestrial TV