FSFMV - (Full Screen Full Motion Video) - (With broadband increases and other advances, this definition becomes progressively more antiquated.) - FSFMV is video displayed at 60 fields-per-second, that fills the whole display. You might be able to have Full Motion Video if you don't mind a very small sized image, even as small as 1/16 the size of your screen. You'll most likely need a fast Internet connection and the appropriate hardware and software. Full Screen Full Motion Video that's the full size of your display is another story, as that requires much more data to be compressed, transferred, decompressed and otherwise processed.
   The actual number of digital bits-per-second (bps) necessary for high quality FSFMV can depend on various factors, including: (1) the number of pixels your resolution is set for; the lower the number of pixels of your display, the less bandwidth potentially necessary; (2) the amount of movement of the subject(s) in the video and (3) the size of the video's frame that's displayed on your monitor or TV.