IEEE - (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) - Professional organization of electrical, electronics, and computer engineers. Among its many activities, it sets standards.

IEEE 802.11 - (a.k.a. Wireless Ethernet) - An Ethernet network without the hard wiring (cables, wires etc). See Ethernet.                    

IEEE 802.3 - A term that might be used interchangeably with "Ethernet."  It's the standards title the IEEE gave Ethernet.

IEEE 1284 Parallel Port - A very high-speed port (connection) to a printer.  It's around 40 times faster than the standard parallel ports found in desktops and laptop computers. (This is a 2003 definition.)

IEEE 1394  - Serial Interconnection Bus (iLink) - (a.k.a. FireWire Bus) - IEEE 1394 is a high performance serial connection. It's a high-speed serial digital interface standard enabling data communication between digital set top boxes, DVD Players, D-VHS recorders and other devices. Transmission speed is scalable from approximately 100 Mbps to 400 Mbps.
   It was originally developed by Apple for use in LANs and connections between DVRs, personal computers and certain other electronic devices, which as it turns out includes set-top boxes.