(1) In conjunction with Source Media, The Interactive Channel (IT Network's Interactive Channel) was launched in 1996 on the 105,000-subscriber cable network in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Interactive Channel delivered shopping and games as well as regularly updated news, weather, and sports. Viewers were able to make airline reservations, sample music CDs, and even hear an update for their favorite soap opera. Through the Interactive Channel's Teacher's Assistance Program, viewers had access to information such as school lunches, homework assignments, and student projects. 

It was on cable channel 75 and the monthly cost was $6.95.

The Interactive Channel relied on a phone line linked to the customer’s set-top box to transmit data from the subscriber’s remote control back to the cable head-end.

Source Media was a leader in the Interactive programming and service industry. Source Media's Interactive Channel, was an online television browser and programming service and was capable of delivering interactive news, weather, sports, shopping and educational services on demand over cable systems.

(2) A name sometimes (particularly in the past) used to describe the return (back) channel used for two-way communication with the network operator (and thus potentially others.)

(3) A channel that a network offers that has interactive capacity.