Mini Keyboard (Keypad) - (1) The small keyboard/keypad (which could be a physical or virtual item) on a portable (mobile) device such as an iPhone.

(2) These standalone compact keyboards can be used as a peripherals in conjunction with a broad range of computerized devices, perhaps even your personal computer. Obviously the trade-off for their smaller size is to increase their portability. Google TV offers a mini keyboard.

(3) Mobile devices such as a smart phone that can use its mini keyboard/keypad remotely to power another device. An example is acting as a remote control for a TV set or even as a controlling device for your computer. 3rd party developers might offer such an application.

Miniature keyboards can be wired or wireless. Their features can include:

12 dedicated function keys
88/89 Key Keyboard
Available with PS/2 or USB Connector (6 ft. straight cable)
Bluetooth connectivity
Embedded numeric keypad
Keyboard available in Black
Laptop Style Keys (soft tactile feedback)
Plug and Play for easy installation
PS2 Connection
Small in size...for instance 11.44 X 5.8 X 1 inch for a standalone
USB Connection
Windows PC Compatible (98 and above) (NOT Mac Compatible).