Power-Line Broadband - (PLB) - See Power Line Communication below.

Power Line Communication - (PLC) - (Maybe known as Broadband over Power Lines, Power-line Broadband, Power-line Internet, Internet Over High-power Utility Lines, Power Line Carrier (PLC), Power line Digital Subscriber Line (PDSL), Power Line Telecom (PLT) Power Line Networking (PLN), Broadband over Power Lines, (BPL).) -
Power Line Communication can provide Internet and/or TV service using the utility provider's power lines to homes and other buildings. Important to this scenario could be the lines to the buildings that actually monitor the power usage versus the lines that strictly deliver current to the buildings. It’s possible that Power Line Communication can disrupt over-the-air TV signals in the lower VHF band.

Power Line Antenna - This TV antenna system uses the house’s electrical wiring as an antenna.