Qube - Qube was the earliest larger scale service to bring interactive TV as we know it, to American homes (but it wasn't the first Interactive TV type show.  See Winky Dink and You.)  Qube was developed by Warner Communications for cable customers in the later 1970s and was offered in Columbus, Ohio in December of 1977.  (It was stopped in 1984.) The Qube system consisted of a set-top box (Qube cable converter box) with a computer chip and some memory (unheard of at the time. Remember this was before Apple Computer.)  It offered an unprecedented 30 channels, kept tabs on customer's preferences, offered polls to vote on concerning programs, offered pay per view movies and more. Remember that in 1977, few consumers had VCRs. Unfortunately for Qube, VCRs, home video movies and video stores were about to become popular and it's retail and infrastructure costs were too high for the time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QUBE