Remote Server-Digital Video Recorder - (RS-DVR) (Network Personal Video Recording, nPVR, Head-end-based Personal Video Recording, Server-based Personal Video Recorder.) - RS-DVRs are the evolution of the Network DVR. Cable and telco TV operators are in a better position to take advantage of remote DVRs as their bandwidth capacity to and from the end-user is greater than satellite TV providers. The user has DVR functionality at home but the DVR is not located at their home but instead at the network operator's facilities.

Cablevision was the first cable operator to try a remote DVR rollout. The company attempted a trial of the service in 2006 but was blocked by content holders who claimed the service infringed on copyright laws. Content holders claimed the RS-DVR operated more like a video on-demand (VOD) service than a DVR. The content holders won the first round in court in 2006 but that was overturned in an appeals court in 2008.
See Network DVR.