Standards-based Solutions (TV)- Standards-based Solutions are technology solutions, such as standards, that are agreed upon and implemented by a significant number of participants in an industry.
   In theory this gives the industry the capacity to reach more people. This is versus using proprietary solutions which often is developed by one business for a select group of TV providers. Standards-based middleware for instance includes MHP and True2way deployments. According to The Acacia Research Group, by 2011, standards-based solutions for TV could be a major part of the market for interactive TV middleware. See Interactive TV Standards, Middleware & Open-standards Middleware.

De Facto Standard

De Jure Standard

Digital Video Broadcasting (Project) - (DVB)

ETS - European Telecommunication Standard

Open Standard(s) – (Open Architecture)

RFC standard application layer protocol, RFC 3261

Tri-standard – (Tri-standard TV)

TV Standard