Thin Boxes - "Thin Boxes" is slang for a set-top box that has a limited number of options and functions. The opposite of Thin Boxes are Thick Boxes. Thick boxes can offer more advanced and interactive functions. Most  set-top boxes (at the time of this writing) are "thin" boxes, not the "thick boxes" which are available now and will take over the market in time.


ASTB (Advanced Set Top Box)

Box-to-box Networking

Digital Satellite System, Satellite Box

Hybrid Digital Cable Box

Interactive TV Software

IP-based Set-top Box

Low-end Boxes

Set-top Box-based Banking

Set-top Box-based System

Set-top Box Software

Set-top Box Subscriber

Smart TV Set-top Box

Software Stack

Venus Set-top Box Project

Video Juke Box – (Digital Video Music)