URI - Short for "Uniform Resource Identifiers."

Computer's Unique Identifier - (Internet and Internet TV) - (CUI, IP Address, Internet Protocol Address) - Your Computer's Unique Identifier has your identification information and gives a rough idea of your interests. It also can show which sites you visit. Your CUI can provide pespective advertisers (and others) valuable information about you. Remember, search engines typically log (save) your IP address and thus identifying information about you, when "enter" is clicked on.

Broadband IP Operators

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Digital Interactive TV/Broadband IP Convergence

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Interactive TV IP Multicast - Interactive TV Multicast

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Internet Protocol Layers - (IP Layers)

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IPTV, the definition of and related articles

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IP VOD - (Internet Protocol Video on Demand)

IPTV Broadcasting (IP-based Video, IP-based VOD system)

IPTV-DTT - Internet Protocol Digital Terrestrial Television

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