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Interactive TV News Businesses Can:

* Take the form of a major interactive TV software, middleware designer and/or provider
* Offer interactive television through cable and telephone networks
* Specialize in satellite news gathering & television production vehicles
* Be a supplier of TV data broadcasting solutions including datacasting
* Create media production systems using Linux
* Be digital decoder software and typically is created by a set-top box software developer
* Offer interactive bilingual programs in streamed video
* Offer solution for wireless TV production & terrestrial news gathering
* Offer interactive two-way TV, interactive video over IP
* Be used for data collection and distribution svcs for cable and satellite operators
* Design and manufacture Teletext & digital television systems
* Offer news in streaming video
* Develop solution for wireless TV production and terrestrial news gathering
* Provide MPEG video editing solutions for broadcasting & post production
* Offer solution for wireless TV production & terrestrial news gathering
* Offer media research and consulting services related to streaming media
* Provide open solutions for digital broadcasting
* Produce image/video compression processing/networking components
* Be designed for middleware development, interactive television services, interactive television network support services, T-com & more
* Merge television programming with Internet content.

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