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Ericsson Television - (formerly Tandberg Television)
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Ocean Blue Software
Real-time extensions for HTML on interactive digital television

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Interactive TV Digital Media Management businesses can:
  • Offer Interactive TV Solutions: Adding Value to Entertainment
  • Be A leader in the revolutionary field of digital watermarking technology
  • Have Integated DRM and media solutions
  • Sell Copy protection and digital rights management technologies
  • Help media and entertainment companies reach broader markets with digital distribution management
  • Offer IP Broadband Media, focusing on Video-on-Demand solutions in streaming & download modes
  • Be an interactive design agency.
  • Take the form of interactive TV software applications and related customization/integration services
  • Offer Interactive TV solutions and datacasting business; viewers analysis tool
  • Be used in relation to Digital Decoder Software
  • Be used along with Set-top graphics technology
  • Offer middleware, IPG, User Interfaces, application engines
  • Be developers of interactive streaming media technologies based on MPEG-4
  • Develop software for viewer profiling and targeted advertising delivery
  • Be a set-top box software developer
  • Take the form of products range from satellite boxes to interactive cable gateways
  • Be used by Interactive entertainment infrastructure software providers
  • Be used for creating graphics and multimedia authoring
  • Provide interactive TV Solutions: adding value to entertainment
  • Are created for digital & interactive TV systems; designs/implements digital broadcasting infrastructures
  • Be used in UK digital Teletext content portals
  • Can be used for data collection and distribution services for cable and satellite operators
  • End-to-end digital broadcasting solutions
  • Can be used for image processing for TV broadcasting/Internet/production studio/sports as well as advertising insertion
  • Offer end-to-end business solutions for ITV
  • Develop services & tools for interactive programming.

  • interactive television consulting