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Interactive TV Digital Media Management businesses can:

Are created for digital & interactive TV systems; designs/implements digital broadcasting infrastructures
Be A leader in the revolutionary field of digital watermarking technology
Be a set-top box software developer
Be an interactive design agency.
Be developers of interactive streaming media technologies based on MPEG-4
Be used along with Set-top graphics technology
Be used by Interactive entertainment infrastructure software providers
Be used for creating graphics and multimedia authoring
Be used in relation to Digital Decoder Software
Be used in UK digital Teletext content portals
Can be used for data collection and distribution services for cable and satellite operators
Can be used for image processing for TV broadcasting/Internet/production studio/sports as well as advertising insertion
Develop services & tools for interactive programming.
Develop software for viewer profiling and targeted advertising delivery
End-to-end digital broadcasting solutions
Have Integrated DRM and media solutions
Help media and entertainment companies reach broader markets with digital distribution management
Offer end-to-end business solutions for ITV
Offer Interactive TV solutions and datacasting business; viewers analysis tool
Offer Interactive TV Solutions: Adding Value to Entertainment
Offer IP Broadband Media, focusing on Video-on-Demand solutions in streaming & download modes
Offer middleware, IPG, User Interfaces, application engines
Provide interactive TV Solutions: adding value to entertainment
Sell Copy protection and digital rights management technologies
Take the form of interactive TV software applications and related customization/integration services
Take the form of products range from satellite boxes to interactive cable gateways.

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