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List of Interactive TV Mosaics & Personalized Multiple-camera Angles Businesses
Mosaic (TV) - Multi-screen Display, Multiscreen, Channel Mix, Mosaic. Associated with Sports Mix Channel, Interactive Sports Mix Channel.
(Products, services and websites vary with time. Please verify.)

ActiveVideo Networks - Software for TV Mosaics.
AT&T U-verse TV Multiview - AT&T U-verse TV using the Multiview Mosaic application.
Cablevision - iO TV Quick View.
DirecTV - DirecTV Group Inc. (NYSE: DTV) has a proprietary in-house solution for its mosaic channels.
DISH Network - DISH Network has offered interactive TV Mosaics at various times for a number of years.
HTTV - Software for TV Mosaics.
HTTV - PDF File.
Ligos - ETV Mosaic. Software codecs and video tools.
Microsoft Mediaroom - Has TV Mosaics capabilities.
Oceanic Time Warner Cable (Hawaii)
OpenTV - Software for TV Mosaics.
ORCA Interactive
PiSTE Project - Look up on the Internet.
TV Mosaic 0.2.0

Interactive TV Mosaics & Personalized Multiple-camera Angles Businesses Can:

  • Combine the Internet with TV; POV; 2-screen TV
  • Enhance Sports platforms
  • Provide P.O.V. Camera Services, Streaming Video Integration
  • Be Interactive TV developers, gaming, PPV, other software
  • Offer software & solutions for next-generation network & service providers
  • Offer software for viewer profiling and targeted advertising delivery
  • Integrate software solutions for the media Industry
  • Develop HTML-based TV products & services
  • Develop software Solutions for MPEG technology.