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Interactive TV Links

InteractiveTV Today [itvt] - The major Interactive TV portal and free e-mail newsletter concerning Interactive TV. If you're into Interactive TV, you have to get the [itvt] newsletter!

AEDETI - Spain's Association of Interactive Television Companies.

AFDESI - The Association for the Development of Enhanced TV Services and Interactivity. Also presents Interactive Television awards.'s Related Whitepapers - Reference material.

CableLabs - Interactive TV related industry organization. 

Creating Interactive Television Links - Reference material.

Digital TV News - Type "interactive+TV" and "interactive+television" in search.

Dutch Cowboys - Netherlands' weblog about interactive marketing.

EBIF Portal - A major specification developed for interactive television.

eTV Protoyping Group (Georgia Tech)


Future TV

Google News - Type "interactive+TV" and "interactive+television" in search.


informitv - Interactive TV consultancy, news and reference material.

Interactive Television Alliance - Interactive TV industry organization.

Interactive Television Committee

Interactive Television or Interactive TV Blog

Java TV

Linux4.TV - Interactive TV industry organization. - Linux in Digital TV, Set-top Boxes & Interactive TV.


Media-visions - Reference material.

Multichannel News - Type "interactive+TV" and "interactive+television" in search.

MUSIST - (Multimedia User Interface for Interactive Services and TV.) - Checks for related news articles constantly from all over the world and presents them for free.

BTR (Broadband Technology Report)

SUIT Project (Scalable, Ultra-fast and Interoperable Interactive Television) - Reference material.

The ELU TV project - eLearning at home, office and school via interactive digital TV (iDTV).


Television Broadcast Magazine


TVTechnology - Type "interactive+TV" and "interactive+television" in search.

International Television Expert Group


TV Without Borders - Reference material.

TV-Anytime Forum - Interactive TV industry organization.

UITV.Info - Reference material & news.

Zatz Not Funny!

Worth Checking

Advanced Media Strategies - tvstrategies.

Advanced - Type "interactive+TV" and "interactive+television" in search.

AdMonsters Interactive TV Section

Light Reading

CED Magazine -  Web magazine of broadband technology.  - Type "interactive+TV" and "interactive+television" in search.

Broadcasting & Cable online magazine

Chinwag Digital News UK

Converge! Network Digest

FCC Digital TV site

Digital TV Europe

Digital Video Recorders News

Engadget  - Type "interactive+TV" and "interactive+television" in search.

HDTV Magazine

Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV)

iMedia - Interactive marketing oriented. Type "interactive+TV" and "interactive+television" in search.'s News Headlines

Light Reading's Cable Digital News

Mediaweek - Type "interactive+TV" and "interactive+television" in search.

NewsNow - Digital TV news headlines from the UK and around the world.

Rapid TV News

VideoNet News

Brand Republic - The latest Advertising, Marketing, Media and PR news from Brand Republic.


Communications Standards Review - (CSR) - Communications Standards Review reports on US and International telecommunications standards meetings for multimedia and wireline access technologies.

DesignInMotion - Internet community for motion graphic design professionals. Web magazine that's update daily.

Digital Spy - Latest showbiz, media and digital entertainment news

EE Times - Site for Engineers & Technical Management. Much concerning media technology on the site.

eWEEK - General media Web magazine. - Registering .tv Domain Names (& Related Information).

iTWire - IT News Australia, Telecommunication News, Global IT News.

Mediacaster Magazine


Netimperative - News, analysis, events for the digital media business.



Response Magazine

Screen Digest

ServerWatch - Web Magazine with latest news, product updates, and press releases for Internet Servers.

SmartBrief from CTAM - A FREE briefing delivered through e-mail. It contains information concerning cable, broadband, programming, and related emerging products.

Techtree - Technology webmagazine from India. - Type "interactive+TV" and "interactive+television" in search.

TMCnet - Full-service media company specializing in the communications and high-technology marketplace.

TV Predictions

TVSPY - General TV, not much Interactive TV. - Television news.

IWCE's Urgent Communications

Wainhouse Research hundreds of web links

Widescreen Review Webzine - Home Theatre Resource.

Research Papers (online) on Interactive TV

A Lifestyle-Based Approach for Delivering Personalized Advertisements in Digital Interactive Television

A Systematic Review of Digital Interactive Television Systems and their Applications in the Health & Social Care Fields (PDF file)


BBC Engineering, Research & Development Papers

Convergence of Collaborative Web Approaches and Interactive TV Program Formats

Designing For Interactive Television

Europe's Commission - Single Digital Market

Flash (Macromedia) being used for Interactive TV development by Microsoft & others (2002 Article)

FSN - Peter M. Zollman, the author of this report, served as Director-News at the Full Service Network.

Guide to Interactive TV - David Burke

IDATE DigiWorld - European think tank specializing in the digital economy

INTERACTIVE TELEVISION - Peter M. Zollman, the author of this report, served as Director-News at the Full Service Network. This case study provides an overview of the FSN project, focusing on its on-demand news service, The News Exchange.

Interactive Television: When's the Show Start? - by Joe Flower

Interactive Television Advertising -  by Swati Sahai (IPTV Magazine)

"Interactive Video On Demand", An overview of (written in 1996)

MEDIA VISIONS: Early Interactive TV - Interactive Teletext - Qube's History.

The Encyclopedia of Television

myTV project - Personalised Services for Digital Television

Open Media Web

Parents, Kids and Interactive TV - by Keval Pindoria & G C Wong Ping Hung

PISTE - Personalised, Immersive Sports TV Experience.

pjb associates Technical Articles and Papers

Report on Interactive Television Services - Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission

Research Methods in Interactive TV (Big PDF file)- Konstantinos Chorianopoulos

Ruleweb WebTV Crossover Links Developer (Article)

SAPO Social iTV Research Project - WeOnTV - PDF file.

Searching for the Holy Grail for a successful business model of Interactive TV

Smart MVC-iTV Framework for Interactive TV

Telebuddies: Social Stitching with Interactive Television (PDF file)

Teaching Styles of Interactive Television Instructors

The Virtual Channel Model for Personalized Television

Transactional distance and interactive television in the distance education of health professionals - Authors: Whitney Rogers Bischoff; Sarah W. Bisconer; Barbara M. Kooker; Lanell C. Woods

WebTV for Windows 98 

Wikipedia Definition of Interactive Television

Interactive TV Articles From The Past

Digital Television Links

Destination Digital TV (From the NAB)


Digita - Digital Television in Finland and areas nearby.

ETSI - Telecom Standards & Descriptions

HDNet's High Definition Products

HDTV Newsletter Online

Home Theatre Magazine


TechNewsWorld - Digital TV Techologies also discussed.

HDTV Links

HDNet - HDNet is a national television network broadcasting all of its programming in 1080i HDTV.

Broadcastcable Online Magazine

FCC Digital TV site

interactive television consulting