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AWS for Media & Entertainment (Amazon)

Certicom ?
CODICO® CAS-5000 Commercial Conditional Access System (PDF file)
Conax AS (NAGRA)
Conditional Access Module (CAM)

Conditional Access (CA) News - The Digital TV Consultancy

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DigiCipher 2
Downloadable Conditional Access System or DCAS (CableLabs)
Ericsson Television
(formerly Tandberg Television)

Fujitsu Glovia
Kudelski Group
MediaMaster (For schools)
Milexia Group

Ping Identity
PowerVu (CISCO)


TV Guardian
Wegener Communications
Widevine Technologies


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WIKI Definition

Interactive TV Conditional Access Software
and Hardware Providers Can:

  • Enable data packets to be sent between intelligent sub-systems
  • Enable maintenance of analog and digital decoders and cable modems
  • Be among the world's largest manufacturer of graphics chips for PCs
  • Offer cable, broadcast & telecom multimedia distribution solutions
  • Develops and/or market digital C/A and other communication technology
  • Provide Interactive TV Solutions that add value to entertainment
  • Provide digital and Interactive TV systems as well as design and implement digital broadcasting infrastructures
  • Sell network, server and storage solutions
  • sell conditional access technology for digital content, related Smart cards, Pay-TV and IP streaming
  • Specialize in solutions for managing digital content assets in the Internet economy
  • Create tools to create Interactive TV content for broadcasting and publishing onto any medium
  • Concentrate on broadcasting, networking, telecommunications and new media
  • Provide set top box digital video recording, smartcard slot, hard drive, interactive TV conditional access systems as well as headend supplies
  • Sell Interactive TV hardware, Digital TV, Receivers and more
  • Specialize interprise resource planning (ERP) and (B2B) e-commerce solutions
  • Specialize in XML related activities
  • Provide television station automation-end to end broadcast solutions
  • Provide multiple related services for IBM Interactive Television
  • Develop multiplatform conditional access technology
  • Research platform and architecture for scalable storage area network
  • Provide Digital media content on digital TV and over the Internet
  • Sell copy protection and digital rights management technologies
  • Offer conditional access billing products such as "Mindport IBS"
  • Sell conditional access software products for embedded card transactions
  • Specialize in Digital TV, audio and broadband Internet conditional access technology
  • Provide conditional access for smart cards and smart card security
  • Be an end-to-end digital broadcasting solutions and consultancy
  • Develop Interactive TV related conditional access software and hardware
  • Sell broadband digital video networking and video streaming solutions
  • Provide conditional access/copy protection/storage/STB/more
  • Develop broadcast subscriber management systems and video libraries
  • Sell CA-System Mediaguard, EPGs with MPEG2 as well as stills, and PPV applications
  • Sell audio transmission products for cable radio head-end and broadcast-applications
  • Be a major producer of set-top boxes and related technologies
  • provide software and hardware solutions for accessing digital content and services
  • Specialize in digital compression systems for video and data distribution networks
  • Be a European supplier of specialist communications products
  • Develop open solutions for digital broadcasting
  • Be a Norwegian telecommunications with Internet and broadband
  • Be a developer of digital broadband cable network technology
  • specialize in terrestrial transmission and digital video/broadband wireless
  • Be digital content aggregators, programmers, distributors and asset management specialists
  • Offer high speed IT products for MPEG2, DVD and DTV Satellite decoders
  • Sell end-to-end solutions for digital pay-TV services and multimedia
  • Manufacture and distribute networked digital video management systems
  • Specialize in digital video, audio and broadcast data systems
  • Provide Satcom-based solutions including broadband and IT.