Interactive TV MMDS Equipment (Wireless Cable/TV) Businesses

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Definition: MMDS - (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service) -  (May be known as Terrestrial DBS, Terrestrial Communications, Wireless Cable, Wireless Cable TV, Multichannel Video Distribution System, MVDS, Microwave TV. May be associated with Free-to-air-TV, Free-to-air Digital Television, Digital Terrestrial Television, Commercial Terrestrial Broadcaster, Over-the-air, Broadcast Over The Air, or OTA.) - MMDS is a distribution service for TV signals largely using microwave transmissions. It can provide digital video and Internet (including VoIP). It's also gets referred to as Multichannel Video Distribution System (MVDS). In the States, it's often referred to as "Wireless Cable". For more click here.

Interactive TV MMDS Equipment
(Wireless Cable/TV) Businesses Can:

  • Build VHF/UHF transmitters and transposers as well as 2GHz band MMDS/LMDS equipment
  • Be a satellite channel playout service
  • manufacture microwave communication products for satellite ground stations
  • Build broadcast and audio systems for wireless TV
  • Sell broadcast equipment for wireless TV
  • Sell cellular, personal communications services and land mobile radio
  • MMDS-based digital set-top boxes
  • Develop/market digital conditional access and other MMDS/wireless cable and wireless TV communication technology
  • Build MMDS-based mixing consoles
  • Produce various types of broadcasting apparatuses including MMDS/wireless cable
  • Produce direct broadcast interactive television
  • Produce interactive end-to-end MMDS-based webcasting systems
  • manufacture equipment for standard and widescreen digital TV broadcasting
  • Develop silicon integrated circuits for specialized interactive MMDS/LMDS applications
  • Build adaptable MMDS/wireless cable delivery systems
  • Manufacture broadband communication equipment related to MMDS/wireless cable
  • Build integrated systems and microwave equipment for wireless cable
  • Build TV, DTV and broadcast antenna systems
  • Design antenna systems and broadband communications related to MMDS and wireless TV
  • Develop audio/video and other electronic equipment unrealted to MMDS/LMDS
  • Develop solution for wireless TV production and terrestrial news gathering
  • Specialize in broadband transmission and end-to-end system-on-a-chip. Also STB solutions.
  • Specialize in compression and encoding technology as well as consumer products
  • Provide TV, T-DAB, DVB-T broadcasting, CATV equipment as well as MMDS equipment
  • Build network and otehr transmission systems for cable, satellite, Internet and data.